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The Westsail 32 goes down in history as the boat that launched a thousand dreams. She's generally credited for starting the cruising boom of the 1970s which brought "the cruising life" out of the fringes and into the mainstream.
Designed by Bill Crealock as a heavy displacement double ender for long distance cruising, this boat is the epitome of seaworthiness; built strong and heavy with huge interior volume.

The Westsail 32, "Westsail the world" was the advertising mantra, oozing adventure in far away places. So successful was the marketing campaign that by June of 1973 Time Magazine featured a four page spread on "the cruising life" including a large image of a Westsail 32 in a suitably exotic location. It caught the imagination of the American public. The boat sold in incredible numbers, and along the way set in stone the shape and style of American bluewater cruising boats for nearly two decades.
In total 830 boats were produced by Westsail. To keep up with demand around 400 of these boats were sold as hull and deck kits; requiring interior finishing by their respective purchasers. Kits were sold in various stages of completion; Hull and Deck, Sail-Away, and a complete boat. With kits, owners could add any option they felt they wanted including ballast, bulkheads, rigging, etc. (THIS WESTSAIL, HULL #:252 IS A KIT THAT WAS COMPLETED WITH PLENTY OF BEAUTIFUL TEAK.)


The hull is heavily built from hand-laid fiberglass in 12 layers with polyester resin resulting in a hull that ranges from 3/4 inch near the topsides to 1 1/8 inches at the turn of the bilge. The 3/4" bulkheads are marine plywood and tabbed to the hull with fiberglass.
Ballast varied between boats, but always with at least 7,000 pounds. Some had 2,000 pounds of lead and 5,000 pounds of steel punchings. From 1974, cast lead was used in the keel cavity in three sections. One can easily tell the lead ballast because the keel sump is much deeper under the engine pan.
The deck and cabin trunk is fiberglass cored with two layers of half inch plywood, with an extra two inch plywood base to reinforce below the mast step. 
The Westsail 32 has a reputation for getting cruisers where they want to go, though not very quickly. According to most owners this is falsely deserved. I have sailed this boat in 25 to 30 knot winds, through 15 foot seas and she handles effortlessly. Motion through the water is incredibly comfortable and sailing is a confident and secure experience.

Look for a boat that has 35 hp or more, the original 25hp Volvo MD2B is often reported as insufficient for a distance motoring into adverse weather.


This Westsail 32:

  • Running rigging (double braided up-sized from 7/16" to 1/2" for comfort and ease of handling) (2019)

  • Bottom job (June 2021)

  • Decks have been completely gone over to repair any crazing and painted with Awlgrip mixed with nonskid (2018).

  • Stanchions were removed before painting the decks and remounted and seated with backing plates, for the utmost strength and safety (2018)

  • Whale Gusher Manual Bilge pump (2016) - A back-up pump for safety

  • LED running lights on bow (2019)

  • LED running light on stern (2019)

  • Replaced Portlights gaskets (2018)

  • New teak hand-rails (2019)

  • Exterior brightwork from 10 to 16 layers of Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss (2017. 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

  • Cockpit winches - serviced/rebuilt (2018).

  • Sails are crisp and resewn - new sail covers and genoa has new sacrificial strip (2019).

  • Anchors

    • Bow - Stainless Steel (316) Delta

    • Bow - Stainless Steel (316) Bruce

    • Stern - Galvanized Claw Anchor

  • Westerbeke 38b4 diesel engine has been rebuilt ( 2019) with less than 20 hours on it since rebuild.

  • New Webasto 10,000 BTU A/C-Heat Unit (2020)

  • New Isotherm refrigeration kit (2022)

  • Complete interior cabin repainted

  • Interior brightwork sanded and varnished

  • Origo 3000 - 2 burner Alcohol Stove

  • New solar ceiling air vents/fans (2019)

  • New toilet manual pump and hoses (2016)

  • New sanitation lines (2016)

  • New Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 12 Volt 50 Amp 3 Bank Charger (2017)

  • New AGM house batteries-2  (Group 27) (2017)

  • New AGM Starter battery-1 (Group 31) (2017)

  • New battery cables (2017)

  • New Blue Sea Battery Switch (2017)

  • New Garmin 741 XS (2016)

  • Dodger removed, but dodger frame is in good shape and has been saved for new owner to use, if new owner wants to install new dodger

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